Make Your Mess Your Message Free SVG

Make Your Mess Your Message Free SVG

Recently, I was watching an episode of 20/20 in an attempt to scratch my never-ending true crime itch.  In it, Robin Roberts praised an amazing survivor for making her mess her message.  I am probably late to the party (as usual) on this one, but it resonated with me deeply.  As a foster mom, I spend a lot of time thinking about trauma and how I can help little ones grow into their best selves.  In this process, I’ve had to face a lot of my own demons, and I strive to be a (very flawed but always trying) example of healing.  

I wanted to keep Robin’s wise words close as a constant reminder to frame adversity as opportunity to help others who are struggling.  So, I decided to use my Cricut to add them to my planner/journal.  In case this message hits home for you too, you can download the free SVG below.  Be sure to share your projects with me on Instagram @thewannabegrandma or using #thewannabegrandma.  I’d love to hear how you make your mess your message!


To make the example project in the featured photo, I used: 

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Make Your Mess Your Message Free SVGMake Your Mess Your Message Free SVGMake Your Mess Your Message Free SVG

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